The HELIOS (High Efficient Lighting Instruments for Open Solutions) project has as its main goal the creation of a complete lighting system using Wireless System Sensor Network (WSN) based on Internet technology. In particular, a DALI-IP Interface will be created that can send commands to a DALI LED driver and thus be able to vary the brightness of a LED source both in terms of illumination and color temperature. In this way, the system will be able to adjust the luminous flux of the LED source according to the actual conditions of use and fruition of the spaces in which they are installed. In the project, a sensor will also be able to measure the illumination and color temperature of a light source. Additionally, the project results provide that each product developed, in addition to being highly energy efficient, will have the ability to reach the Internet so that it can store and view the information it collects and allow users authorized to modify the settings of the single device in real time.

This project was selected under the POR FESR 2014-2020 and was partly funded by the European Union with a contribution of 15,500 euros.




Ancona, 09/09/2017