The just inaugurated lighting system for the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua is a concrete and tangible example of a highly successful project in which the innovations produced by the WiSense start up meet the experience of a major company like iGuzzini Illuminazione to benefit the general public by creating a more satisfying and exciting experience thanks to the use of light and the IoT.


Click here to view a short video about the sensor node installed into the Scrovegni Chapel.


Scrovegni Chapel Sensors installation Sensor installated

The perfect illumination of every wall, in terms of both intensity and colour rendering, is achieved by varying the artificial light according to the level of natural light so that no shadow zones or visual dips are present whatsoever. The result is a unique experience for all visitors who can finally appreciate the full magnificence of these paintings at any time of day and during any season of the year.


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Padua, 11/09/2017